The Lakes Region of New Hampshire is known for its beautiful waters that we all enjoy. But did you know the water from our taps might not be as clean as it looks? Sometimes, things like minerals and other stuff we can’t see can get into our water, and they might not be good for our health. This post will talk about these hidden dangers and how LaChance Water Filtration can help keep our water safe.

Understanding Common Water Contaminants

  1. pH Levels – Around places like Laconia and Meredith, the pH of water can change a lot. If water has a pH level outside the normal range of 6.5 to 8.5, it can cause problems. Acidic water can eat away at pipes, letting metals like copper and lead mix into our water. If the water is too basic, it might taste bitter and leave a build-up on things.

  2. Hardness – In the Lakes Region, we often have hard water because of the minerals in the ground like limestone and gypsum. Hard water can wear out appliances faster and make it tough to clean dishes and clothes because it doesn’t work well with soap. It’s a good idea to treat water if it’s very hard to avoid these problems.

  3. Chlorides and Sodium – When it snows, we use road salt, and this can wash into our lakes and streams. This salt can make the water corrosive and spoil the taste, which is especially a problem near big roads and lakes like Winnipesaukee and Squam Lake.?

  4. Nitrate-N and Nitrite-N – Farms around here can add nitrates to the groundwater from things like fertilizer. These can turn into nitrites in our bodies, which is risky for babies because it can make it hard for them to breathe properly.
  5. Iron and Manganese – These minerals are natural in many areas but having too much can stain our laundry and make water taste funny. This is something many folks in Gilford and Belmont talk about.

  6. Heavy Metals: Arsenic, Lead, and Copper – Old pipes and industries nearby can leach lead into our water. Arsenic can come from industrial waste, but it also comes from a rock in the ground. These metals can be really harmful, causing problems like brain damage or liver issues over time. It’s important to have a good water filter to get rid of these.

  7. Radon and Uranium – Our area’s granite ground means radon and uranium can sometimes get into our drinking water. These can be dangerous because they’re radioactive and can increase the risk of cancer.

  8. Fluoride – Fluoride is added to water to help keep our teeth healthy, but too much of it can harm our teeth and bones. That’s why we need to check and adjust fluoride levels carefully.

Additional Services by LaChance Water Filtration

LaChance Water Filtration doesn’t just help with these issues. We also offer:

Custom Water Systems: These systems are designed for your home to tackle issues such as hard water, removing contaminants and impurities specific to your local water supply, or simply enhancing the taste of your water. By addressing these common water problems, they ensure that the water you and your family use daily is safer and more enjoyable to drink.

Maintenance and Support: At LaChance Water Filibration, we ensure your water system operates at peak efficiency. Our team of experts is always on hand to provide ongoing maintenance, troubleshoot any issues, and offer solutions for any water problems you might encounter. Trust us to keep your water pure and your system running smoothly.

Educational Outreach: LaChance is dedicated to educating the community on the importance of water conservation. By teaching individuals how to properly care for their water sources, LaChance emphasizes why maintaining clean water is crucial for our health and preserving the environment for future generations. We aim to inspire a collective effort towards safeguarding our most precious resource through interactive workshops and informative resources.

Emergency Water Testing and Treatment Services: Our team is equipped to swiftly assess your water’s safety in the unfortunate event of a disaster, such as a flood. We employ advanced testing techniques to ensure your water is free from contaminants and safe for use, providing peace of mind in times of crisis.

Advanced Filtration Technology: Leveraging the most cutting-edge technology, these systems ensure that even the most stubborn contaminants lurking in your water are effectively eliminated. This advanced filtration process guarantees a cleaner, safer water supply for all your needs by targeting a wide range of impurities, from microscopic bacteria to chemical pollutants.

Keep Your Water Safe and Clean

Living in the Lakes Region means we have beautiful nature and challenges in keeping our water clean. LaChance Water Filtration is here to help. We tailor out services to meet our area’s needs, offering top-notch solutions and teaching us how to keep our water safe. By choosing LaChance, you’re making sure your water is clean and healthy. Let’s keep our families safe and our water clean together!