When it comes to water treatment, there are many options on the market; one option we often see in the Lakes Region is the no-salt water conditioner. These systems are marketed to improve your water quality without the need for traditional salt-based softeners. However, it’s essential to understand that these systems are different from softeners, and there may be better solutions for your water problems. Anyone advertising these systems as a “salt-free water softener” is misleading you from the beginning.

The truth about no-salt water conditioners is that they do not soften water. Instead, they crystallize magnesium and calcium minerals prevalent in hard water. This process is designed to reduce scale, similar to traditional salt-based softeners, but it does not involve the use of salt. The result is water that won’t cause scaling but is not soft like water treated with a traditional softener. The NSF cannot certify these systems because they do not remove anything from the water.

It is also important to understand that not all water problems can be solved by a no-salt water conditioner. For example, a no-salt conditioner may reduce scaling if you have hard water with high mineral content, but you will still have white spotting on dishes and use more detergents. In these cases, a traditional softener may be a better option. Additionally, suppose you have specific water-related issues such as iron or manganese. In that case, a no-salt conditioner will not address these problems and will cause the no-salt system to fail.

One of the main differences between no salt water conditioners and salt water softeners is that no salt conditioners do not remove the hardness-causing minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, from the water. Instead, they exchange these minerals with other, less harmful ones. This means that while the water may prevent scaling, it will still have a high mineral content and be considered “hard water.” This often results in drab and dull laundry and soap scum build-up in your bathroom. One way to know for sure is to have your water tested.

While no salt water conditioners may be a good option for some households, they are not effective as salt water softeners in addressing specific water problems such as hard water, iron, and manganese. It’s essential to consider your particular water needs and consult with a professional before deciding on a water treatment system. This is especially true for those Lakes Region homeowners with a well, as no salt water conditioners are no match for the often-found hard well water with iron. With all of the information mentioned above, it is vital to understand that no salt water conditioners are different from traditional salt-based softeners and may not be the ideal solution for your water problems. Call LaChance Water Filtration today to discuss your options to ensure your water is better than bottled! (603) 732-2533