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Well Accessories

The Simple Pump

Should you be looking to pump your own water easily, this is a self-sufficient one that is electricity-free and easy to use with a simple hand operation.

If you’ve ever lost power and wished you could still use your water, you can with this easy to use pump. Anyone can easily pump the handle and get 4-5 gallons of water per minute.

It can also be used to re-pressurize your distribution system, allowing you to take a shower or do the dishes with your well pump off. It’s also handy for drawing water from your well if you’re too far from an outside faucet to hook up a hose.

We ask that you give us a call if you have questions on pricing for the simple pump. This option is usually in the $2500 range.

Hillbilly Well Covers

If you want a way to cover your well and aid in your yard’s appearance, we ask that you consider one of our hand crafted well covers. Each of our covers is made to order by Hillbilly Home Development and is uniquely built from old barn boards.

All of these well covers are designed to go directly over your well, making it unnoticeable to neighbors and any other onlookers. All of these pieces are made to order at a price of $129 plus shipping and handling fees.

For more information, feel free to check out the Hillbilly Home Development site.

Createk Rock Well Covers

Createk rock well covers look like real stones and discreetly hide your well cover. Easy to install or remove for well inspection, these well covers are made of fiberglass and are both sturdy and light. Many different styles are available for you to pick and choose the perfect one to disguise your well head.

All Createk well covers go for $350 each